A UK-premiere of Japan’s hidden treasures

We are inviting Japanese lighting installations as a part of the HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017, blending traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture with unique and original ‘akari’ lights this November. These illuminations are all individually stunning pieces of Japanese craft art that have a history in Japanese ‘matsuri’ festivals, but now also utilise the latest technology.

Curation & Art Direction

Naomasa Haga

Naomasa Haga

Office Migoto

Planner and producer of an art exhibition on the theme of Japanese akari lighting at a Tokyo hotel for three years. Under his direction, the event saw more visitors attend than at any point in the 60 times it has been held previously, with over 230,000 attending over the three years.


Introduction of creators

Teppei Hayakawa

Papercut Artist

Shozo Ono

Glass Blower

Sakuho Ito

Rusted Paper Maker

Shinohara Wind Chimes

Edo Wind Chimes

Suzuki Mohei Shoten

Suifu Paper Lanterns
Yanai Goldfish Lantern Festival

Yanai Goldfish Lantern Festival

Yanai, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Tadaharu Kawamura

3D Artist

Robe Japonica

Men’s Kimono Brand
Takatoshi Hayashi

Takatoshi Hayashi

Kokeshi Dolls

Yasuhito Genma

Lighting Designer


Kirie/Cutout Workshop

Papercut artist, Teppei Hayakawa, will introduce you the world of kirie/切り絵/cutout. £5.


Goldfish Lantern Workshop

Create your own little goldfish and take it back home.
Under 10 – £5, Adult – £7




    • 24th Nov, 12:00 - 20:00
    • 25th Nov, 9:00 - 21:00
    • 26th Nov, 9:00 - 18:00
    • Venue: Tobacco Dock (within HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017)
    • Entry fee - included in HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017
    • Organiser: CROSS MEDIA Ltd.
    • Curation, Art Direction:
      Naomasa Haga (Office Migoto)

For press information and images please contact:
Cross Media Ltd.
E: [email protected]
W: http://crossmedia.co.uk/en/

The list of creators is tentative and subject to change.